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Belmont County, Ohio

 Fairfield County, Ohio Paving of Parking Lots, Roads, Driveways
Paving of Parking Lots, Roads, Driveways

Neff Paving and Concrete Services now has a satellite office in Bellaire, Ohio and Bellaire, Ohio which is dedicated to customer service and quality work performance at all levels. We have full-time estimators year round for Belmont County, Ohio to answer any questions you may have. Neff Paving and Concrete Services has top of the line equipment to complete your project both large and small. We provide residential as well as commercial paving for Belmont County, Ohio.  We keep your cost lower due to complete in house labor and equipment. All of our employees are experienced and highly-trained. Neff Paving and Concrete Services would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a free estimate for your road building, paving, seal coating, excavating, dredging, concrete curbs, sidewalks and more in Belmont County, Ohio . We Offer Free Estimates and Provide the Following Services in Belmont County, Ohio :: [list style=”blue-check-5″]

  • Residential Projects – Paving Driveways, Building Sidewalks, Excavating Work
  • Commercial Projects – Sidewalks, Paving Entry, Paving Parking Areas, Concrete Work
  • Asphalt Paving (Milling)
  • Seal Coat, Crack Seal – Seal coating is used to maintain your asphalt driveway, needs done every 2-3 years.
  • Line Striping – Commercial Parking Areas, Roadways and more
  • Excavating – Trackhoe, Dozer, Loaders, Graders
  • Site Design and Storm Sewers
  • Road Building – Oil Field, Subdivisions, City, County
  • Concrete, Curb And Gutter, Sidewalks, Patios, Garage Floors, Basement Floors, Barn Floors, Industrial floors
  • Pond Clearing / Dredging – Small Marine Excavator and Barge


Belmont County, Ohio Asphalt Contractor – Paving Contractor – Seal Coating – Cement Contractor – Excavating Contractor Certification & Affiliations

  • Bonded
  • Certified
  • Insured
  • Licensed

Neff Paving, Seal Coating and Concrete Services is your complete general contractor for all of your paving, excavating, dredging, and flat concrete service projects in Belmont County, Ohio .

Servicing these areas around Belmont County:

Monroe County, Harrison County, Jefferson County and Carroll County