Dredging - Canals - Wetlands Shoreline Restoration

Dredging – Canals – Wetlands

Shoreline Restoration

Small Marine Excavator and Barge

Our Amphibious Excavator is a highly-unique dredging machine designed to work in areas that are inaccessible to conventional digging equipment. Ideal for use in dredging canals, along shorelines, and in wetland areas. The Amphibious Excavator readily tackles a variety of challenging dredging applications. Working primarily from the water it has a 22’ reach and can rotate 360 degrees infinitely.

Dredging, Shoreline Restoration, Wetland Areas
Dredging, Shoreline Restoration, Wetland Areas

This dredging excavator features a barge mounted backhoe and three adjustable stabilizer legs. The stabilizer wheels provide flotation when extended and act as stabilizers when positioned under the boat. The excavator also uses its wheels to load itself on and off of a trailer and to roll itself in and out of the water. No crane is needed for launching, retrieving or re positioning the excavator.

  • Docks Installed
  • Pole Driving
  • Clearing Canals and Wetland Areas
  • Pond Clearing
  • Shoreline Restoration
  • Trash Clean-up and Removal
  • Over Grown Waterway Reclamation
  • Dredging
  • Work Boat Barge is Self-Propelled
  • Transport Barge

Let Neff Paving and Concrete Services take care of all of your Excavating, Pond Clearing, Dredging, Shoreline Restoration, Canal Clearing and much more.  We have been providing Southeastern Ohio with professional commercial and residential services for many years. Serving These Areas with Dredging, Shoreline Restoration, Canal Clearing:

Athens, Ohio –  Columbus, Ohio – Cambridge, Ohio – Coshocton, Ohio – Dresden, Ohio – Heath, Ohio – Logan, Ohio – Lancaster, Ohio – Nelsonville, Ohio – Newark, Ohio – Zanesville, Ohio

Buckeye Lake, Indian Lake, Portage Lake, and many more.


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